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    Would love to see the classics stocked in Metal Masala (1st hand original). Can suggest a few below:-

    1. Deep Purple
    2. Led Zeppelin
    3. Black Sabbath
    4. UFO
    5. Budgie
    6. Thin Lizzy
    7. AC-DC
    8. Iron Maiden
    9. Diamond Head
    10. Saxon
    11. Tank
    12. Raven
    13. Kreator
    15. Destruction
    16. Coroner
    17. Bathory
    18. Celtic Frost
    19. Death
    20. Pestilence

    I’m sure many would be interested in buying these titles. Thanks and regards.


    Ulf Bankemper

    thanks for the first post in this forum. Some of those artists I will be able to stock in a later point of time. Others like Celtic Frost, Destruction, etc. I will probably only be able to get them from the second hand market and it would be very low quantities. But I will definetly keep a look out.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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