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The Sinister Flame IV – Hammer of Black Illumination (Magazine)

THE SINISTER FLAME returns with a striking Issue IV, this time entirely in full colour. Black Arts are practiced and Seven Fold Ways are walked with Sulphure of MMP TEMPLE, Michael Morthwork of HAMMEMIT, VK of VASSAFOR, Lord Mörder of SOL EVIL, Alina of LAMIA VOX, DeathMessiah of PROSELYTISM RECORDS and an anonymous member of IRKALLIAN ORACLE. In addition, D. Aggressor of DOMAINS kindly leads you inside the macabre reality of Sinister Ceremonies. The philosophy and ethos of Order of Nine Angles lies strong within the interviews but is also presenced via articles, ensuring that the calling of the depths will be heard.

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The Sinister Flame V  (Magazine)

The Sinister Flame Issue V – Aristocracy of Wolves Summer 2016 e.v.

To the beautiful sound of cracking skulls, The Sinister Flame proudly presents its fifth issue, further exploring the abyss with ABIGOR, MARE, MORDOR, NÅSTROND, HIEROPHANT’S DESCENT, Temple of Them, XANTOTOL and Jarl Flagg Nidhögg of Darker Than Black (ex-Absurd).

Aside from interviews, the issue also includes review sections and a special article by Northern Heritage that focuses on the connection of nature and Black Metal. DEAD REPTILE SHRINE, SATANIC WARMASTER, MUSTA KAPPELI, PHLEGEIN and VORDR all discuss the relevance of natural surroundings to themselves and their artistic work.

With its 56/A4, designed by Briandvp and professionally printed in full colour, TSF serves you once more a unique insight into the black, esoteric undercurrent that flows at the core of genuine Black Metal while pouring scorn on the politically correct, entertainment-seeking, fools who try to tame its sinister spirit.

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Dayal Patterson – Cult Never Dies: The Mega Zine (Book + CD)

Directly inspired by the aesthetics and approach of the print fanzines of the pre-internet era, the Cult Never Dies: The Mega Zine series expands the focus from Cult Never Dies’ previous black metal books to more fully document the metal underground. The fourth full-length work by Dayal Patterson (Black Metal: Evolution Of The Cult, Cult Never Dies Vol. One and Into The Abyss), featuring guest writing from the talented Frank Allain, this tome comprises of huge, candid and definitive interviews with: MYSTICUM, BAL-SAGOTH, IN THE WOODS…, REVEREND BIZARRE, INDESINENCE, NAHTRUNAR, SLEGEST, SCYTHIAN, LYCHGATE, MORK, ANCIENT, JON KRISTIANSEN and the story of HEAD NOT FOUND records, black metal photographer ESTER SEGARRA and illustrator GARETH ELLIOTT.

All orders will include a full-length Odium Records 20th anniversary CD compilation, featuring tracks from respected bands such as Mephorash, Varathron, Black Altar and Beastcraft, and including several previously unheard tracks.

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…And Justice for Art : Stories About Heavy Metal Album Covers – Ramon Oscuro Martos

“…And Justice For Art: Stories About Heavy Metal Album Covers” is a one-of-a-kind, collection of revealing stories/interviews, and stunning graphics about the making of some of the most iconic album covers in the history of Heavy Metal music. This beautifully illustrated coffee table book includes the stories of artworks like Slayer’s “Reign In Blood,” Morbid Angel’s “Blessed Are The Sick,” Metallica’s “And Justice For All,” Blind Guardian’s “A Night At The Opera,” Death’s “Symbolic,” Tiamat’s “Wildhoney,”Carcass “Heartwork,” At The Gates’ “Slaughter Of The Soul,”Testament’s “Dark Roots Of Earth,” Opeth’s “Heritage,” Mayhem’s “Grand Declaration Of War,” and many others.

This 264-pages book features exclusive interviews with members of Amorphis, Napalm Death, Carcass, Morbid Angel, Anthrax, Cynic, Testament and revered artists like Eliran Kantor, Travis Smith, Arik Roper, Joe Petagno, Dan Seagrave and more.

In addition, this new Revised Edition features new extra commentaries, interviews and 10 new images not included in the first edition of the book.

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