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Downfall Of Nur – Jhanas Nur (CD-Box)

This is Downfall of Nur 2013’s demo in its original rawness and wilderness: a primordial recording yet showing an hidden inspiration that would quickly bring them recording the “Umbras de Barbagia” masterpiece.
Released in 200 copies only.

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Savage Messiah – Hands Of Fate (Special Edition CD in O-Card)

One of the UK’s most distinctive metal bands, SAVAGE MESSIAH, has joined the Century Media family in 2017 and presents its fourth album, “Hands Of Fate”, which offers a timeless heavy metal sound that is blessed with incredible song-writing and avalanches of impressive lead guitars and powerful riffs. Notably influenced by Megadeth and Metallica yet showing a hard rock vibe in terms of catchiness, produced by regular collaborator Scott Atkins (Amon Amarth, Cradle Of Filth) and mastered by Dave Collins (Metallica, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper), “Hands Of Fate” develops further from the band’s thrash metal beginnings towards an honest, unpretentious, and utterly enthralling sound. Take a listen to the title track, “Eat Your Heart Out”, “Blood Red Road” or the excellent semi-ballad “Last Confession”, and you will realize that SAVAGE MESSIAH’s 2017 record offers masterful metal-hymns that bear the potential to delight you for ages.

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Dagoba – Black Nova (CD Book)

Formed in 1997 and inspired by 90’s American metal greats such as Pantera, Machine Head and Fear Factory, DAGOBA quickly expanded their furious sound with dark, symphonic and industrial elements culminating on what is to become their strongest album to date, “Black Nova”. Shawter – singer, guitarist, composer and leader of DAGOBA – helmed the recordings of “Black Nova”, which took place at Eagle Black, his own studio in Marseille, whereas Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Epica, Heaven Shall Burn) took care of mix and mastering. “Black Nova” sounds massive with rich dynamics, towering riffs, vigorous shouts and infectious melodic choruses all over the place. The equally powerful artwork was created by Seth Siro Anton (Septic Flesh / covers for Moonspell, Paradise Lost, Exodus). From the first single “Inner Sun” with its powerful electronic hook to the driving and gloomy modern thrash of “The Legacy Of Ares”, from the crushing yet majestic “The Infinite Chase” over to the emotional impact of “Stone Ocean”, “Black Nova” impresses with diversity and excellent songcraft. A highly recommended piece of epic modern metal. The CD Book includes two bonus tracks!

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Angra – 5 original albums in 1 box

Includes the following CDs in a digisleeve:

Angels Cry
Holy Land
Freedom Call
Holy Live

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Asphyx -The Rack – Anniversary Edition (Ltd. 2CD Mediabook & Sticker-Set)

In 2017, it’s time to celebrate: 30 years of ASPHYX – 30 years of Death Doom Metal history! To commemorate three decades of ASPHYX (and 26 years of the release of their legendary “The Rack” debut album), this special and limited edition release offers not only the original album but also the entire record covered by underground companions and talented newcomers as bonus. This compilation record includes versions by Dan Swanö (SE), Grave (SE), Desaster (DE), Skeletal Remains (US), Coffins (JP), Deserted Fear (DE), Hooded Menace (FI), Entrails (SE) and Purgatory (DE). Apart from that, the release offers liner notes both by ASPHYX (original and current members) and their featured stylistic peers as well as the full Axel Hermann artwork for the first time. Yes, only a portion of his original painting was used back in 1991. This anniversary edition is limited to a total of 5,000 copies worldwide (2,000 in the 2LP format in various vinyl colours and 3,000 in the 2CD format). This is a must for all ASPHYX maniacs!

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Deströyer 666 – Wildfire (Deluxe Digibox Edition)

Digibox incl. Digipak with bonus track, goat leather keyring, and patch. LTD to 3000 copies worldwide.

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My Dying Bride – Evinta (Triple CD with 64 page book)

To commemorate their first two decades of existence, My Dying Bride re-worked melodies and themes from their extensive back catalogue into epic, flowing symphonic compositions, incorporating new vocals and passages from Aaron Stainthorpe and French Opera singer Lucie Roche.

The arrangements have been created in collaboration with keyboard maestro Johnny Maudling (of Bal Sagoth fame) and a collective of gifted classical musicians.

The resulting album/triple cd set, Evinta, is presented in a deluxe twelve inch 64 page book with spot varnished cover.

MDB's unique brand of mystery and misery has never looked or sounded as good.

Limited to 3000 copies only.

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Negura Bunget – Focul Viu (CD + DVD)

“Focul Viu” (Romanian for “Living Fire”) is the title of Negura Bunget’s first live DVD and double CD featuring a professional recording of a complete 90-minute performance in Bucharest in January 2008. “Focul Viu” is especially valuable because of the fact that it presents Negura Bunget in its classic line-up of Hupogrammos, Sol Faur, and Negru.

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Arckanum – Antikosmos (Vinyl Boxset with Long-sleeve Shirt, M)

This Box contains:

– Picture LP
– Longsleeve
– Patch
– Poster


1. Svarti 06:02
2. Dauðmellin 04:34
3. Røkulfargnýr 05:04
4. Blóta loka 05:14
5. Nákjeptir 04:06
6. Eksortna 01:29
7. Sú vitran 06:25
8. Formála 04:06

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Arckanum – ÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞ (Vinyl Boxset with T- Shirt,M)

This Box contains:

– Picture LP
– T-Shirt
– Metal-Pin
– Slipmat


1. Þórhati 03:59
2. Þann svartís 04:06
3. Þyrpas ulfar 05:36
4. Þursvitnir 05:49
5. Þyrstr 01:33
6. Þjóbaugvittr 04:45
7. Þjazagaldr 04:54
8. Þá kómu Niflstormum 07:47
9. Þrúðkyn 04:29
10. Þríandi 04:16
11. Þyteitr 02:47

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Goatblood – Veneration of Armageddon (Deluxe Vinyl Box)

The deluxe-box edition is limited to 100 handnumbered copies and comes in a handcrafted heavy deluxe-box with embroided logo and title. Including a logo metal badge pin (6.0 cm x 3.0 cm), embroided logo backpatch in red color (25.0 cm x 15.0 cm), logo sticker and the limited transparent vinyl edition with poster.

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